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What measures can be implemented to prevent bullying?

Efficient bullying prevention programs at school direct to be school-wide. It involves education of students, administrators, teachers and parents on what bullying is and what extent to which it is harmful to all who are involved, even those who understand how others may view and how to get help. However, for many decades, informing parents of bullying victims tends to improve the victim’s quality of life. Successful anti-bullying programs provide clear consequences for bullying, increases playground supervision, teach students who are bystanders to bullying and who are the strong one to stand up for victims so that bullying behavior gains a humiliation instead of socially beneficial. Teachers or work supervisors who directly or indirectly tolerate such behaviors or intimidate other kids are an obstacle to implementing an effective anti-bullying school program. For further information on preventing bullying can be found on online Pay To Write An Essay Paper

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